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Digital visual management

To further control the production process, industry players now use digital visual management. This approach helps to respect the rules and gives everyone the opportunity to intervene in the event of a malfunction, regardless of their position in the hierarchy.

Why digitizing visual management?

Lost information, time consumed, motivation at half-mast, lost or unsold goods ... are all detrimental to the profitability of a production plant. In order to break this unproductive circle, the industry has chosen to implement a visual management, inspired in particular by Mind Mapping.

This "mind map" allows you to orchestrate all the questions, reflections and suggestions that are relevant to a given subject in a flowchart-like visual, like the Gantt chart. This type of representation makes it possible to schematize your needs in the form of keywords and themes. It will be possible to "draw" the tree of your production chain from potential suppliers to the inventory of possible materials while having a view of the overall funding.

The digital visual management is especially useful for updating information internally in real time. This makes it an extremely efficient tool for industrialists.

How to set up a digital visual management?

One of the key ideas of visual management is to give more autonomy to each of the cells of work and to each of the stakeholders of a process to improve efficiency.

Clear indicators will enable each post to anticipate and react, usefully and quickly.

Digitalizing visual management naturally has an impact on human resources. To make a digital transition without destabilizing the work teams. We recommend setting up a test initially limited to a targeted area of the workshop, to gain experience and sort between the relevant ideas and the non-productive ones.

Sesa Systems accompanies you on the Poc phase (Proof of Project) before extending your digital visual management to the entire process. The feedback will be very valuable upstream of the implementation of a generalized application.

Framed by the methodology and tools of Sesa Systems, your team can:

  • Inventory the objectives carefully
  • Prioritize the indicators to put in place
  • Configure the synthesis screen, tactile or not

This will allow all of your employees to work in the best conditions, in a team spirit and thus optimally maintain your performance culture.

Visual Management: The Lean Toolkit

The Visual Management is genetically linked to the Lean system. This management method aims to stick as closely as possible to the customer demand while limiting losses. The implementation of Lean Manufacturing constantly improves the process, involving qualitatively the workforce and limiting costs.

The 5S method is an integral part of the lean manufacturing process. It is :

  • separate the useless from the effective
  • store with a formidable efficiency (a place for everything and everything in its place)
  • keep the work areas clean at all times
  • keep everything in order once the previous 3 points are acquired
  • put the word discipline on the roof of the world.

Visual management: effective turnkey tools

It is therefore through the rigor and clarity of the information disseminated that digital visual management can reveal its full potential.

For the process to bring the expected results, it is imperative to animate the screens, to control them and to feed them. If the info walls are not up to date, nothing can move forward. We must therefore support teams and stakeholders so that they can manage the tool.

The tools implemented in a visual management strategy must marry the values of the company and the human sensitivity to ensure the harmony of the missions and the productivity of the team.

The continuous improvement approach proposed by Sesa Systems integrates all these elements.

Digital visual management is a door open to transparency of information. Through its implementation, at a glance and at each critical point, each stakeholder knows where the team is in the process and can meaningfully participate in meeting the objectives.

In terms of motivation, this ability to interfere is essential. It is all the more significant that the digital visual management avoids many tedious reports and lost time.

To learn more about the subject, do not hesitate to contact the Sesa Systems consulting team.

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