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Ergonomics at work, a work surface adapted to the user

Ergonomics is an improvement, an adaptation of the work environment, of the tools used by the employee based on the physiological, psychological and social aspects of the work.

The health of workers is paramount in companies today. Simply because health means efficiency. This is why ergonomics at work has become a major objective for companies.

Problems related to a non-ergonomic work environment

Several missions are entrusted to the operator during a working day. These tasks will involve him having specific postures in order to carry them out. Whether it is a physical effort on a workstation in a factory, or a mental one through work on screens in offices, we find the same health problems.

Occupational health is a real issue for the company. Today, however, we can see that operators are suffering more and more from MSDs. Musculoskeletal disorders are diseases caused by working conditions that inflict pain on the operator and subsequently reduce his performance at work.

Most often temporary, the disability caused by MSDs can sometimes become irreversible. In economic terms, MSDs are also a real handicap for companies. In 2017, they accounted for more than 87% of occupational illnesses resulting in a work stoppage or financial compensation due to sequelae.

The objective of ergonomics at work is therefore to reduce accidents at work, musculoskeletal disorders in order to preserve the health and efficiency of employees.

Ergonomic products adjustable in height to reduce occupational hazards

SESA SYSTEMS has designed various ergonomic products to optimize performance and reduce MSD at work. There are modular workstations, ergonomic chairs and stools, anti-fatigue mats, height-adjustable electric desks.

SESA SYSTEMS innovates once again and expands its range of electric workstations and height-adjustable desks. The aim of these ergonomic designs is to improve the working conditions and productivity of operators by allowing them to adapt the height of their workstations according to the tasks performed. This allows them to move into seated, standing or sit-standing positions. The new sitting/standing workstations for the workshops allow an adapted working height and an appropriate provision of tools and components thanks to numerous compatible accessories.

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