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An ergonomic workstation in an industrial environment increases quality

The organization of the operator's workstation in order to adapt his industrial working environment to his tasks defines ergonomics. Thus reducing musculoskeletal disorders called MSDs, accidents at work, muscle problems, bone problems, etc.. As production efficiency depends on staff performance, it is important that these employees have postures adapted to their workstations.

Organize an industrial work environment in an ergonomic way

The organisation of the operator's workstation must be well defined so that it is ergonomic. This does not only concern the workbench, but the entire working environment. It is therefore necessary, to work ergonomically and reduce occupational diseases, to acquire different tools adjustable in height and comfort.

Before purchasing any adjustable equipment, it is advisable to evaluate the existing environment to create the most suitable industrial work surface for the operators. Then we must not forget the training on the proper gestures and postures to take into account to start with this new ergonomic environment.

The height-adjustable workstation

To achieve an ergonomic working environment, it is necessary to think about the well-being of its operators. In industrial environments, it is possible for several employees to use the same workstation one after the other. We must not forget that each person is different. Being able to adapt each physical characteristic, such as height, between each change of people is not negligible. A workstation that is too high or too low can cause tension in the shoulders, spine or other musculoskeletal disorders.

Ergonomic electric standing workstation

SESA SYSTEMS has created the QUALIPOST 620 and QUALIPOST 3200 ERGO standing workstations with electric adjustment. These ergonomic industrial workstations are particularly well suited to any type of operation.

Ergonomic electric standing workstation

The workshop standing seat to complete the ergonomic workstation

To improve the ergonomics of the working environment, once the height of the workstation has been determined, a standing position is required. It will favour the posture of the employees because this workshop stool is easily adjustable in height. The user's legs are naturally stretched, the operator gets up effortlessly. The body weight rests partly on the seat and partly on the feet. MSDs are therefore avoided because alignment and body weight distribution is ideal.

Ergonomic workshop standing chair

SESA SYSTEMS has produced standing stools adapted to any type of person, working environment, role. This seat allows to have a dynamic working position, respects the curves of the back without effort, passes without effort to the standing position.

If the work environment and the employee's functions do not allow for a standing position, an ergonomic workshop chair offers complete posture support. The distribution of body weight is also the best in order to reduce back pain-related illness stops.

SESA SYSTEMS has designed telescopic workshop chairs, with black polyurethane seats and backrests, are ergonomic and versatile, they adapt to all industrial workstations, from the workshop to the laboratory.

Telescopic workshop seat

The anti-fatigue mat, ergonomic comfort for the operator

The person working in production may not require a seat as their duties require them to stand during the day. Thus to reduce the fatigue of the employee at the level of his legs, his back but also to stimulate blood circulation, the anti fatigue mat is the solution. But this is not the only feature of this product. This mat is also a guarantee of safety thanks to its non-slip surface.

Ergonomic anti-fatigue mat

SESA SYSTEMS has produced anti-fatigue mats to replace the standing seat. This rubber mat offers comfort to the user, cushioned against falling parts on the floor and prevents slipping on precarious surfaces.

Electric trolleys to accompany your movements

The mobile trolley or electric trolley quickly provides the components to eliminate the user's bad movements, prevent him from bending over and fluidify the production flows. Thus the conditions and ergonomics of the workstation are improved to increase efficiency.

SESA SYSTEMS has developed the LEANPOST 300 ERGO trolley with electric adjustment, which brings more mobility and flexibility to the operator thanks to its height-adjustable bin holder and wheels.

SESA SYSTEMS has created the LEANPOST 400 ERGO electric trolley, which brings great comfort to the operator's work thanks to its height-adjustable platform that keeps access to the components at a constant level, thus avoiding bending over.

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