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An ergonomic workstation in the office increases quality

Ergonomics is becoming more and more important within a company, whether in factories or offices. Simply because ergonomics limits accidents at work, occupational diseases and promotes employee development. LEAN Office is therefore an ideal approach for putting ergonomics into practice in the office.

Designing your ergonomic office within your department

Every person working in the offices is too often inactive, on the road to work the driver sits down, also at lunch, when he is also working, then when he gets home he can rest on his couch. All these moments sitting for about 7 to 8 hours can be dangerous for your health. Employees report back pain due to poor posture during work. Therefore, an ergonomic work arrangement is needed to minimize the risk of MSDs by acquiring a good working position. In order to make the workstation ideal for the user, it is useful to combine LEAN Office with ergonomics. This LEAN Management approach is an administrative organisation principle with the aim of making administrative flows visual, simplifying them but also reducing existing waste. The ergonomics incorporated in this LEAN approach improves the operator's working conditions thanks to a good posture and thus eliminates unnecessary movements, saves time in administrative processes and thus makes the company more competitive.

The ergonomic office chair for your workstation

The office chair has been designed to be ergonomic during daily use, providing comfort to the employee while seated. The seat follows the different movements of the human body to leave the pelvis and spine in the best working conditions. This is achieved through a synchronous mechanism.

Ergonomic telescopic office chair

Despite having an ergonomic seat, it is always possible to have musculoskeletal disorders due to a desk too high or too low. It is possible to adjust the height of the seat, but it is preferable to adjust the height of the desk in order to have the appropriate balance between the legs and the pelvis.

The electrically height-adjustable standing desk

The electric desk allows you to have an adjustable height and therefore to adjust your working position during the day. This flexibility is based on an electrical system controlled by means of a button, a mobile application or the keyboard. A person must move without a day's work. This office helps stimulate the body, optimize concentration and reduce fatigue that can be acquired during a day's work. In addition, standing the desk up reduces muscle tension.

SESA SYSTEMS innovated the electric standing desk called LEANERGO ELECTRIC, making the work space a place of well-being and comfort. But it is possible to add equipment to improve employee performance.

Electric height adjustable desk

Organize your work surface on your desk as well as possible

Once the seat is adjusted, the desk adapted to its user, the workspace on the desk is not yet optimal. On a desk there are many tools, sheets, screens, a keyboard, etc.. These elements must be quickly accessible by its user. But it's not always a success and the office gets crowded as you go along.

Aluminium structure for office

In order to counter these disturbances and create an ergonomic work surface, dedicated to the user SESA SYSTEMS to create a revolutionary and clever aluminum structure. The structure frees space on the work surface, defines the locations of the elements and thus saves the user time. The LEANERGO ALUMINIUM has made the study of a thorough ergonomic.

Ergonomics at work through LEAN

Do not hesitate to find our White Paper on ergonomics but also our LEAN Manufacturing and LEAN Office approaches such as the 5S method, MUDA or Worker Safety, where ergonomics at work is addressed...

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