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Signage is crucial for identification and security in companies. It is a legal obligation for employers to mark hazardous or at-risk areas. Signage is done by ground marking or using ribbon to show the different services or positions of the company for clear and quick identification of each collaborator and visitor. Employees must know their way around a company, just like a motorist following road signs, especially if it's big. The principles of LEAN Management fits perfectly into this approach, with each area defined and identified in this range of frames and banners.

How to use poster frames effectively as signage in your company.

With SESA SYSTEMS’ poster frames, you can identify all areas of your company easy and fast. The posters are available in sizes from A4 to A0 suited for all types of documents and needs. The wall models are interchangeable through the hinged profile. Supplied with screws and dowels, these models can be positioned in portrait or landscape display. If you have limited wall space you can choose the ceiling hanging models. These models offer a double-sided display, protected by transparent plexiglass. They are anti-reflective on both sides to maintain good readability in case of strong light or exposure to the sun.

Customizable banner signs for any area.

As part of the 5S approach, SESA SYSTEMS offers signage strips to easily identify specific areas. With these curved signage strips, you will insert the text of your choice in that area. Attached by chains or brackets, they easily hang over a partition or ceiling. REVERSO models have a double-sided text display. The customizable signs are available double-sided and in several sizes. Indicate the desired text at the time of your order. Wait no longer to set up effective signage in your workplace!