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Digital Visual Management is one of the features of Industry 4.0. It uses different communication techniques to convey information and track progress on computer monitor screens. Its intuitive visual nature highlights and clarifies employee’s goals. The SESAHUB application allows internet-enabled screens in different key locations to display and circulate information over the corporate network. The difference with conventional Visual Management is that digital visual management uses screens and tracking and organizing software rather than display screens that are all connected to the internet.

How do I use the different SESA SYSTEMS digital screens in my business?

SESA SYSTEMS offers different types and sizes of digital screens to meet your various needs.

  • E-LEANBOARD is an interactive display that transmits information to any location in your company. Available in two sizes, 32” and 42”, it can be easily wall mounted or installed freestanding because of the aluminum support on a steel base.
  • E-MEETING is an interactive touch screen that drives the meetings. It is connected to a computer. You can take notes and easily save them after the meeting. Its two sizes, 55” or 65”, can either be wall mounted or on an aluminum wheeled base for easy movement.
  • E-ACTIVBOARD is a digital interactive whiteboard connected to a computer. It is 87” long. It is connected to a computer and can both display documents for a meeting capture notes from a whiteboard marker.
  • E-PAPERBOARD is like a digital whiteboard. Easily take notes, annotate documents, and save the result on a USB drive.

Using software to make the most of your connected screens

SESA SYSTEMS has created software applications that interface with your connected screens. Features of this software include the ability to broadcast information to your E-LEANBOARD screens directly from your computer. The revolutionary SESAHUB application collects real-time information and disseminates indicators for different screens.

SESA SYSTEMS' Digital Visual Management products enable you to easily implement a LEAN Office approach in your company.