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Dynamic shelving (or flow racking ) is an important part of logistics. In addition to offering a simpler approach for operators, the SESA SYSTEMS LEANDYNAMIC makes it possible to reduce unnecessary trips and focus only on the essentials. The result is significant time savings as well as operators performing value-added operations. Dynamic bin and box shelving is used directly on the production line or linked to the workstation to facilitate product picking and inventory management. The LEANDYNAMIC is made up of small series that supply operators with bins of components and small packages to reduce handling efforts. Unnecessary conveyors are eliminated and lines are reduced. It is also possible to include workstations previously excluded from the main line in order to reduce logistics costs as well as inventory. All these improvements make it possible to reduce the surface needed and to use the spaces released for a future extension. Priority is given to productivity at the side of the line.

An ingenious new logistics organisation that reduces costs.

The LEANDYNAMIC is an aluminium chassis structure that is fully customisable to suit your needs, onto which is fixed slightly inclined roller rails which allow bins to circulate. The operator can then be supplied by the arriving bins, use the various components required, then return the bins on another inclined rail once they are no longer in use. This significantly reduces the length of production lines and drastically reduces inventories to the necessary level, thus reducing logistics costs and storage costs.

A customised and tailor-made system for a result that is adapted perfectly to your needs.

LEANDYNAMIC is a very effective system but it needs to be studied well to know the earliest possible phase for your organisation. You need to ask yourself what height is needed, how wide, how deep, what architecture, how many levels and especially to verify that it will suit the operators. To help you set up and define your LEANDYNAMIC, do not hesitate to contact our account managers. They can visit your company to define your need with you and to assist you during the construction stages of your dynamic shelving system. If you want more information on LEANDYNAMIC, please visit our dedicated page or download our catalogue on universal dynamic storage!