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As part of its logistics range, SESA SYSTEMS offers a complete set of carts and bin trolleys essential for managing and streamlining production flows within the LEAN Manufacturing framework. LEAN is a company strategy that allows products and services to be delivered that meet expectations of customers, when the customer wants it, in the quantity wanted, at the right price, using the minimum of materials, equipment, space, work and time.

Why choose height adjustable carts and trolleys?

With the range of mobile carts and trolleys, operators have all the components and raw materials needed for their work close to hand. The bin trolleys serve the same function but also offer predefined bin locations to sort and order the elements used by operators. This equipment allows them to avoid cluttering the worktable with additional components and thus improve the working conditions and ergonomics of the operators during their movements. In fact, fewer trips and unnecessary movements are synonymous with better performance and therefore improved fluidity throughout the supply chain. These various benefits are essential to providing better comfort and promoting the use of good postures at work.

A range of accessories to customise your carts and trolleys

The mobility provided by the swivel castors with brakes will also allow you to ensure the trolley is in the best location throughout the day with minimal effort. In addition, the height adjustable electric trolley allows a constant level to be maintained to assist the operator in taking hold of objects and provide them greater comfort. The spine of the operator is less stressed, thus reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Available in different sizes, levels and options, this equipment is fully customisable to perfectly suit your business and your needs. We offer a complete range of plastic storage bins so you ensure efficient organisation in your company. Using different coloured bins or different sizes, you can find the products stored in your workshop more easily.