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Magnetic indoor display case with sliding doors

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      • Ideal indoor display case for your reception halls, offices or workshops.
      • Showcase with sliding doors adapted for busy places.
      • Lockable to protect your company's professional and mandatory information.
      • The colour corners provided allow you to quickly identify the type of information inside.
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      Product Description
      Sliding PMMA door. Ideal for narrower corridors or high-traffic locations.
      Robust, natural-finish anodised aluminium frame.
      Lacquered, sheet steel magnetic back with dry-wipe cleaning.
      To guarantee user safety and to protect the environment, this display window is NF Education, NF Collectivité, NF Environnement, and PEFC certified.
      Comes with 5 sets of interchangeable corners in classic (grey and red) and more modern (blue, green, yellow) colours to match with the colours of your logo or communication layout.
      Technical specifications
      SKU 192
      Tags Affichage,Communication,Documentation,Information,Management Visuel
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