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+44 1452 632712

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Modular workshop partition for communication space | ESPACE'INFO

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      • A modular workshop partition allowing to create communication spaces easily and without work!
      • Assembly of the structure simply by inserting the panel into the aluminium profile
      • Many combinations or materials (laminate, aluminium sheet metal, 800° enamel, glass and sheet metal) available
      • Installation on the floor by fixing and partitions reinforced with traveerses for guaranteed stability
      • Simple study of your project by layout diagram and validated by our design office
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      Product Description
      A modular workshop partition for communication space |ESPACE’INFO design, esthetics, flexible, fast and easy to assemble for a visibility “full size”. A clever system with all magnetic accessories will enable you to personalise your project at the best costs.Only one partner who lets your indicators speak with our complementary program “Visual Animation” Modular panel in satin anodised aluminium structure that can be dismantled (assembly with clamps). 1st panel (aluminium structure on 4 sides) Additional panel (aluminium structure on 3 sides) Double sided Enamel 800° for magnetic attaching and felt writing quality White lacquered metal sheet for magnetic attaching White wire netting mesh 50 x 50 mm/1.96 x 1.96 InchPlease send us a layout with your request or order.
      Technical specifications
      SKU 8
      Tags Management Visuel,Atelier,Communication,Information,Affichage,Documentation
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      Steel base Ø 325 mm

      Accessories for panel, steel base Ø 325

      Select your model

      Retractable markers

      Set of 4 assorted retractable black/blue/red/green

      Select your model

      Ficus H 1800 mm

      Ficus plant H 1800

      Select your model

      Rosebush H 1500 mm

      Rose plant H 1500

      Select your model

      Support for screen mounting

      SUPPORT for screen mounting adaptable to

      Select your model

      Orientable LED spot light 220 V

      Orientable 220V LED spot light with98.43 inch connection

      Select your model

      Roll of magnetic label holder

      Roll length 5 meters to make your own titles on WORD or EXCEL....

      Select your model

      Design headband "COMMUNICATION SPACE"

      This design banner makes it possible to highlight your visual...

      Select your model

      Melamine shelf

      Melamine shelf P 300 mm height

      Select your model

      Customizable curved headband

      Customizable curved signage

      Select your model

      Design headband "TEXT TO CHOOSE"

      Design customisable

      Select your model

      High quality document sleeve | PRODOC

      The high quality document protector |PRODOC is a revolutionary...

      Select your model

      Reinforcement cross member for ESPACE'INFO

      Reinforcing crossbar for ESPACE'INFO. If your crossbar must be...

      Select your model

      Reinforcement cross member for ESPACE'INFO

      Reinforcing crossbar for ESPACE'INFO. If your crossbar must be...

      Select your model

      Steel base W 300 x D 45 mm

      Accessories for board, steel base W 300 x D 45

      Select your model

      Magnetic drawing pins

      This set of 20 magnetic drawing pins allows you to display...

      Select your model

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