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About The Sempre Group

21 October 2019  |   Information

Our history

We started trading as Metrology Direct in 2002, offering precision measurement equipment to improve efficiency and quality in manufacturing. Metrology Direct became the UK & Ireland distributor in 2013 for SESA Systems Lean Manufacturing products, which proved a great edition to our Metrology range. With Lean processes developing across manufacturing we have found that we now are able to support many more industries including pharmaceutical, chemical and logistics as well as the food industry.

Metrology Direct changed the company name to The Sempre Group to be able to incorporate lean enterprise solutions as a single division. Our team in Gloucester will work with you to meet your requirements, anything from a few visual accessories with ability to purchase online or on account basis to a full shop floor lean project.

Chloe Reynolds our Lean advisor is available to visit your site to discuss your requirements, with an in depth knowledge of the solutions we are able to provide, can help you achieve a cost effective, modular and ergonomic workplace. Supporting the implementation of your lean projects improving efficiency and reducing waste.

We have a lean display at our showroom in Gloucester if you wish for an overview of the products from our catalogue. We also host regular symposiums for our customers to discuss the latest in lean solutions as well as lean training examples and guest speakers.

The range is vast and we can always offer alternatives as well as bespoke solutions to meet your needs just drop us a message and we will find the best solution with you.

Please feel free to contact us directly for more information:


+44(0)1452 632712

Or Visit www.thesempregroup.com