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Lean Product Development: What Production Managers Need to Know, and Why it Matters

5 June 2020  |  

Enhancing production efficiency happens both on the shop floor and upstream, at the product development stage. In this webinar, we show how Lean methodologies, when applied in a holistic manner to product development, can help resolve manufacturing inefficiencies: cost, quality, and delays.

Our guest speaker is Prithvi Kumar, M.S. Eng., Founder of the product development consulting firm 2Gemba Consulting . His prior positions include Product Development Manager, Director, Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement, Senior Product Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer. He started his career at Steelcase. Over his career, he has improved Product Success Rate from 35% to 65%, and production efficiencies from 75% to 98%. He holds an M.S. degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, from the Illinois Institute of Technology.