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SESA SYSTEMS, Airbus partner for a humanitarian rally

9 December 2019  |  

SESA SYSTEMS sponsor of AIRBUS HELICOPTERS for the project "Les tigres du désert" !

SESA SYSTEMS, AIRBUS partner for a humanitarian project

This year, SESA SYSTEMS is a majority sponsor of the "Les tigres du désert" project led by AIRBUS HELICOPTERS and KARTCOPTER.

This project allows these motor sport enthusiasts to participate in the Rallye Raid du Maroc and to carry out a charity action in parallel. This is the 2nd largest rally raid in the world: the Oilibya rally in Morocco.

The challenge awaiting them is daunting: they will have to surpass themselves and give the best of themselves to cover the 2000 kilometres of track and sand that make up this 6-stage course. More importantly, this humanitarian action makes it possible to provide the necessary support to women, men and especially to children in need on the ground.

Well-equipped enthusiasts, ready to take up the challenge!

It is therefore aboard a Polaris 1100 Turbo SSV that the team is about to embark on the adventure. This machine takes extreme performance to a whole new level. This buggy model has become "THE" reference in recreational vehicles due to the ultimate combination of power, high performance suspension and agility on trails and in the sand.

The humanitarian objective of this project is ambitious: 5€ of donations per kilometre travelled!

In partnership with the association "L'heure heureuse" which is committed to combating social and professional exclusion, the team wishes to give back, at their level, a little to this country that hosts them for the duration of this event. It is with a logic of sharing, at the level of sport, of the Rally, but also with the country and the inhabitants that they embark on this race.