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Why create a space for creativity in a company?

In an open space office, brainstorming as a team can be tricky. Open-spaces are generally quite noisy and various noises of the company can cause employees to be distracted. Most companies have dedicated a room to overcome this problem and to make sure that the employees can fully express their creative ideas during brainstorming sessions. It can be a classic meeting room converted into a creativity room or a quiet space away from the open space. This space, originally very popular with start-ups, is increasingly being used in traditional open-spaces and for a good reason. The creativity space is a social place that stimulates the creativity of team members, which also shows that the company encourages innovation through its new ways of working.

How to set up a space for creativity in a company?

The whole point of a creativity space is to break apart from the traditional image of the company and to offer a new environment and new ways of thinking about work. In the same way that a writer often needs a change of environment to stimulate his creativity and concentrate on his writing, employees need changes that can break routine and encourage their creativity. These changes reflect the growing need to seek creativity in different places that can generate new ideas. A creative space must therefore include all the material and logistics necessary for creativity, in addition to being sufficiently different from traditional offices. Installing unconventional designer furniture in a professional setting such as ottomans or coffee tables is a good start, but that’s not enough.

Let SESA SYSTEMS Help You Set Up Your Creative Space

In order to help you set up the creative space for your organization, SESA SYSTEMS has developed a range of creativity spaces. In particular, you can find designer poufs, designer coffee tables, fabric armchairs or even office partitions to isolate yourself from all the noises. Get ready to set up your creative space! To improve your productivity and reduce costs, head over to our website to learn more about different LEAN tips and methods (such as the 5S method or ergonomics at work ) that you can apply in your organization. If you have a LEAN project and need our support, do not hesitate to contact our account managers to help you with your project.