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At work, where employees spend most of their time sitting down, the height of their desks is often poorly adapted to their physical characteristics and needs. For example, the work surface is too low. To fix this, SESA SYSTEMS has "height-adjustable desks" to accommodate different positions. The goal of this range is to make your personal workspace more ergonomic.

Why have an ergonomic office?

Human beings are made to move. Sitting for hours at a time has negative mid to long-term health effects. Instead, it is highly recommended to frequently change positions while you work. SESA SYSTEMS ergonomics office range makes it possible to alternate between sitting or standing positions. The "sit-stand desk" has two electric cylinders to adjust the height with different types of controls to choose from: remote control, control panel, or a smartphone app. To adapt to today’s modern working conditions, workers will gain flexibility of movement. Additionally, electric height-adjustable desks reduce occasional pain from musculoskeletal disorders. It is recommended to adjust the height of your desk to your body size. The standard desk size is designed for people who are 5” 9” tall, but it is adjustable for those who are 5’ 3” to 6’ 3” tall.

Complementary accessories for optimally ergonomic office furniture

We offer a wide range of accessories for "ergonomic desks" and "chairs" that complete your work environment and promote good posture. Add "LEANERGO ALUMINIUM" to develop LEAN OFFICE principles in your office that follow the 5S method. Companies have invested in ergonomics for many years. The principle of ergonomics is to adapt the methods, tools, and work environments to the unique physical characteristics of the individual employees performing the work. Investing in an ergonomic work environment promotes the health of the employees. Occupational health is a big issue for companies, but they often do not provide furnishings that are adaptable. Employees end up with bad posture that causes muscle and bone pain. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are diseases directly related to unsound work conditions and are the major reason for absenteeism. To improve your work environment, we recommend SESA SYSTEMS "ergonomic desks" that are designed for the comfort of your employees. At SESA SYSTEMS, we offer all the solutions you need to perfectly meet your ergonomic needs for your employees.