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The SESA SYSTEMS’ office chair is in the ergonomic office furniture range. Ergonomics and happiness at work are a top priority for companies. The key for keeping employees healthy is to provide "office desks" for optimal posture and overall well-being for in their work environment. This avoids musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and back pain and reduce absenteeism. SESA SYSTEMS range of office chairs are perfect for office ergonomics and facilitate your employee’s long-term health.

A range of aesthetic and ergonomic office chairs.

Optimal work conditions for your employees is achieved through our range of ergonomic and height-adjustable office chairs. This range includes telescopic office chairs, stools or sit-stand seats. Sit-stand seats distribute the body weight between the feet and the seat to avoid too much stress on one body part. This can be used for LEAN office and in workshops with an ergonomic workstation approach. To do this, the choice of equipment (armchair, office chair, screen, etc.) and the office layout must meet a set of criteria and ergonomic recommendations for the best working conditions. Also, SESA SYSTEMS provides this range of "electric adjustable office desks" to complement the office chairs for better posture. The ability to adjust the height of the seat and the work desk is the solution to eliminate pain in the shoulders and lower back.

Models can be completed with accessories according to your needs.

Many different accessories can be chosen, including an "adjustable circular foot rest", "wheels", pegs, and an "armrest". To create comfortable and individualized chairs for your employees, try out our range of ergonomic chairs that adapt to your workplaces.