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Stainless-Steel, an Essential Material for Working in Demanding Environments

Stainless steel is a material required in some companies in order to comply with current hygiene regulations. This is particularly the case in the cosmetics, agro-food or pharmaceutical industries. This material makes it possible to fight against the undesirable proliferation of microorganisms (such as bacteria or molds). Stainless steel also has advantages in terms of safety and cleaning since it does not produce any substance that could enter the product during the process. Stainless steel also has an advantage for companies working in the electronics sector. Indeed, these companies are subject to electrostatic discharges which is a passage of current that can cause heavy damage to electronic components. To protect against this, an ESD control plan must be in place, notably with the use of stainless steel equipment.

Organizing Your Work Documents Using 5S Method

Various stainless-steel displays showcase important documents for everyone or for operators who need them. It is ideal for recalling procedures, memos or security documents that need easy access and to better organize your work documents. 5S method includes 5 steps to follow in order to keep the work environment tidy, clean and organized.

SESA SYSTEMS Offers a Complete Range of Stainless-Steel Products

In addition to our stainless-steel display supports, we also offer all other related stainless products to better equip your business. Our range of stainless steel workstations is dedicated to be used in your production workshop. The INOX computer cabinet, for example, protects computer equipment from dust and other elements due to its protective box for the screen and central unit. The cleaning station, which can be equipped with various accessories, allows you to have all the equipment available to keep a clean workspace. The storage cabinet helps you organize different tools or documents and to quickly identify the content easily thanks to their glass doors. Finally, the TPM maintenance station and the quality control station allow operators to work with suitable equipment, while meeting required health standards.