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SESA SYSTEMS offers a range of innovative workbenches that meet high sanitary standards and protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD). These discharges, although often harmless to humans, are disastrous when in touch with electronics and semiconductors that could generate significant costs for the company.

Professional furniture compatible with specific environments.

Certain industries such as food, cosmetics or even pharmaceuticals are subject to very strict hygiene standards which require them to use products made of certain materials. Other industries simply just want to protect themselves from the risk of electrostatic discharges. The INOX / ESD range offered by SESA Systems can be particularly useful for this reason. Companies affected by these measures can still equip their premises with workbenches, display supports and various personalization accessories without worrying about the risk of electrostatic discharges. You can find a selection of storage drawers, ESD swivel castors with brakes, various workstation feet as well as several shelves and trays.

Customizable Workstations According to Your Needs

A workbench that is used for daily tasks is essential to work efficiently and this is the goal of ergonomics at work. The more comfortable an operator is at his workbench, the less time he will waste with parasitic and unnecessary actions such as looking for a tool or a document. The workbench must therefore be suitably arranged and organized to allow the user to be as efficient as possible. This is the principle of the 5S method, a Japanese method for optimizing working conditions, time and environment which is a pillar of Lean Management.