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Stainless-Steel Cleaning Station for Your Production Workshops

Our stainless-steel cleaning station has all the qualities of the classic cleaning station and suitable for demanding environments. Production environments are often known to release dust, residue and waste. All these elements interfere with the cleanliness of the workstation and it is necessary to get them removed so that the operators can work within a clean and organized environment. Designed and fitted out in such a way to provide all the necessary cleaning tools, the stainless-steel cleaning station is a mobile station with casters to eliminate wastes and maintain a clean environment.

5S Method

The 5S method is an approach to optimize the environment through rigorous organization of the workspace. It is one of the methods that helps your company become coherent and effective using the LEAN approach. The first pillar of this method, SEIRI, is elimination. This is the priority of the 5S worksite: to eliminate and remove everything in order to make room. The second pillar, SEITON, requires putting away everything that cannot be removed and thus, must be kept. The third pillar, SEISO, requires cleaning. Once everything is disposed of, it needs to be cleaned up. The INOX cleaning station is therefore specifically designed to help you apply the 5S method in your production workshops in demanding environments.

Different Models Catering to Different Needs

When we developed our range of INOX cleaning stations, we knew that each company could have different constraints and that a single type of station would not fit with all these constraints. This is why we have developed several models that can be completed with various accessories according to the needs of each company. All our models are guaranteed for 2 years, so do not hesitate to set up your 5S site today! If you need support in setting up such projects, our account managers can help you with your needs and find the right products for you.