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Visual Management relies on visual communication techniques that enable operators and managers to pick up key information within a matter of seconds. This empowers them to monitor the status of their operations and achievement of their goals almost in a real-time manner. This is a true LEAN management tool at the front-line, closer to the operators. It can be implemented through color codes, graphics, dashboards, or various indicators. Teams can review dashboards and check their performance at a glance. In any case, the information is presented visually. This is key because 83% of the information that people register in their brain comes through their sight. SESA SYSTEMS offers a complete range of products to apply Visual Management in your workspace.

The display boards, an ideal way to put visual indicators for all to see

Display boards are a simple and efficient way to share and circulate information throughout the company. Whatever your need and your available space, there is a board that can meet these criteria. As every company is different, SESA SYSTEMS has created a line that meets all needs. Personnel management tables for example, allow you to visually assign operators to different teams or to communicate their presence or absence. Flipcharts, meanwhile, enable you to write during meetings or other types of checkpoints with your team. Our customizable whiteboards are magnetic. This enables you to display a variety of information using magnetic tracking indicators in addition to handwriting. Depending on your available space, you can use single whiteboards or add up to two panels. We can deliver floor-standing or wall-mounted versions. If you don’t need to update your visual information frequently, you can post it on display cabinets with transparent doors either sliding doors or that open to the left or right. Doors can be locked, so only authorized persons will have access to the keylock. The display column is ideal for lobbies, for example. The column has several sides, so you can display a different theme on each side. In addition, modular panels and walls allow you to create real communication spaces within your company. These spaces are fully customizable and can include various accessories such as cafeteria tables to bring more conviviality to your team meetings.

PRODOC, an original and essential document cover since 1991.

A lot of mandatory information must be communicated and displayed in the workplace. This is why SESA SYSTEMS has created a range of simple but effective document covers for displaying indicators, procedures or any other important document. This communication support was designed and adapted to suit the different needs of companies in the industrial sector. PRODOC is available in various formats ranging from A0 to A6 and in multiple colors to enable you to color-code each type of document. This display can be adhesive or magnetic, and lets you write directly on it. PRODOC is very flexible and its different versions suit all situations.