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A key performance indicator (KPI) is an important and crucial element used to track a company’s performance. By tracking these indicators and ensuring they are going in the right direction, you can monitor the strategy chosen by your company. If your key performance indicators match what you expect for your strategy, you can continue along this line, however if not, you need to determine the criterion which is below expectations and attempt to reverse the trend. Key performance indicators can differ - some alert to an abnormal or concerning situation, some aim to anticipate a situation and some aim to even out a situation. With the VISIOFLASH range, SESA SYSTEMS offers different types of magnetic indicators which you can display on magnetic surfaces in your company, to inform your employees of the company’s performance and what needs to be improved.

VISIOFLASH, key performance indicators and a real decision-making assistance tool.

Thanks to the different SESA SYSTEMS VISIOFLASH allowing you to highlight different indicators, you will be in a better position to manage your company and make relevant decisions in relation to your strategy. VISIOFLASH Non-quality cost to determine the cost of products not meeting the expected quality standard for the company, VISIOFLASH Satisfaction helps indicate satisfaction, whether over 31 days or 12 months. There are a wide range of indicators depending on the data which you wish to track.

Add your VISIOFLASH to your display boards to take full advantage of your Visual Management.

Magnetic VISIOFLASH can be used with any type of magnetic surface. This will allow you to display them wherever you see fit, for maximum efficiency in the company. Discover the SESA SYSTEMS Visual Management solutions!