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These cabinets are ideal, whether for the shop floor or the office. This storage furniture ensures a well-organised working environment, provided it is used in accordance with the 5S method. To reflect this continuous improvement and visual management initiative, our 5S shop floor storage cabinets have transparent swing doors so you can see the cabinet's contents easily.

A visual storage system to improve productivity and limit occupational risks

A 5S shop floor optimises space to determine what is useful or not. In most situations, the problem is a lack of space. To tackle this issue, SESA SYSTEMS produces industrial cabinets in aluminium or stainless steel, with 2 to 4 shelves. This furniture helps save space on the shop floor. The transparent doors of the display cabinets improve employee productivity and ergonomics, whilst reducing unnecessary trips and lost time. This reduction in trips leads to a lower level of potential occupational accidents.

The shop floor cabinet in a 5S working environment

This industrial furniture must follow some rules to adhere to the 5S initiative. Firstly, the storage cabinet must be used frequently and have a purpose on the shop floor. Next, it must be in a strategic and defined location to reduce the employee’s physical movements. Finally, this storage furniture must always be kept clean and organised for the next use. To help you follow these steps, you can use floor marking to determine its position or add a cleaning station to ensure the tools and furniture are always kept clean. Once these elements are in place, your shop floor will be suitably arranged in accordance with the Lean Manufacturing method.