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The SESA SYSTEMS anti-fatigue mats are aimed at operators working standing up for long periods on a hard surface. Their composition dampens movements and considerably reduces pressure on the back, offering excellent anti-fatigue properties for the lower limbs (feet, knees, etc.). These industrial mats improve comfort at standing workstations and also reduce the risk of slips and falls at work.

How can we limit musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) using the anti-fatigue mat?

MSD cause pain in operators, which can have repercussions on their health but also their productivity. An operator working with the incorrect posture will be more likely to develop back problems, which can impede their productivity and generate an additional cost for the company. Companies use anti-fatigue mats to avoid this and to adopt a LEAN Manufacturing approach. These mats have a much more flexible surface than the ground, which means that legs are not completely immobile on a hard surface. The slight movements caused by feet gradually adapting to the surface allow the blood to circulate more freely in the legs. The muscles work normally and the operator enjoys comfort which they would not experience on a classic concrete floor.

How to choose your SESA SYSTEMS anti-fatigue mat?

SESA SYSTEMS offers several anti-fatigue mats to meet operator needs, whatever their activity. Several levels of flexibility are offered, and several levels of resistance are also available. These mats can be non-slip or have tapered edges to reduce the risk of falling by getting feet caught on them. There is even a model with built-in LED lighting for jobs requiring extra brightness! Discover our anti-fatigue mats for improved operator comfort!