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The SESA SYSTEMS workbenches range offers a wide and varied choice to equip all your production workshops, whatever your sector of activity.

Adjustable workbenches to optimise your quality control areas

Arranging your workstations is a real area of expertise for SESA SYSTEMS. By listening to the market and to companies, we have developed the first control stations to facilitate quality control of industrial products for operators. Our wide QUALIPOST range offers quality control stations of all sizes, ranging from a wall or swivel arm version to limit the size according to the space available in the workshop, to larger and more robust control stations, as required. You will be able to create "quality point" areas with mobile workstations equipped with lower storage areas, curtains, sinks which are fully customisable thanks to the many accessories.
Conscious of the importance of workplace ergonomics, we offer a range of ergonomic and electric workstations to provide better working conditions for operators, the aim being to reduce MSD and improve the performance of your employees.

From mobile tool holders to adjustable workbenches, you will find the best solutions for efficient and effective maintenance

You will more than likely need to set up workbenches for maintenance. Just like the furniture for the quality control points, the MAINPOST range of furniture, dedicated to stations for TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), offers wall or floor versions with perforated area to hang all the necessary tools that the operator needs to maintain their machine park. We provide you with quality maintenance furniture so that you can fully comply with the 8 TPM pillars.

Computer furniture adapted to your industrial work environment

For perfect organisation of your production workshops, we offer the MOBIPOST range, computer furniture that allows you to install your screens, CPUs and printers, and to protect them with lockable boxes with transparent front. You will thus be able to report your daily workshop information (quality control, maintenance control, rates, accidents) in your computer system, close to your production lines.

A working environment that reflects your image in your production workshops

Our aluminium workstations are robust and flexible. They are designed to be modular: you can choose a work space with a single frame, choose the covering of your top, choose a model with an open or closed back depending on the use of the station (control, assembly, conditioning, maintenance).
Our workstations are available in stainless steel that meets hygiene standards, particularly for the food and chemical industry.

Accessories for unlimited customisation and an environment that promotes work performance

Our furniture can be complemented with innumerable accessories. Complete your station with ergonomic workshop seats, sit-stand stools or anti-fatigue matting for optimal comfort and increased profitability. Add a workshop storage cabinet and clean stations for a complete 5S environment.

Finally, install consultation stations and consoles to provide operators with important information and procedures.