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To work in the best possible working conditions, SESA SYSTEMS offers electric workbench for a more ergonomic working posture on the shop floor. Good shop floor ergonomics is crucial to safeguard employee health but also to maintain company performance.

Electric workstations to adapt to the operator’s working environment

The operator is at the heart of the organisation, with several duties which they must perform such as production, level 1 maintenance and quality control. These different tasks require specific positions depending on the workstation used, and the environment is often poorly adapted to individuals. Bad posture limits operator working capacity, endangers health and results in reduced performance. An adjustable electric workstation is an excellent way to avoid this. Our range contains two different electric workstations: the QUALIPOST 620 ERGO and the QUALIPOST 3200 ERGO, both offering multiple possible combinations to arrange your workstation to your taste. Equipped with telescopic columns controlled by electric actuators, the ergonomic working tables can be quickly adjusted to the desired height. Using a control button, you can precisely adjust your working surface, adapting it to your height and the tasks performed. As an example: precision work such as the careful assembly of a product requires the workstation to be adjusted to a height around 5 cm under the employee’s elbow. However demanding work requires a much lower working surface. The electric industrial workstations ensure greater employee comfort and allow them to change between a sitting, standing/sitting and standing position.

Additional products for a 100% ergonomic working environment

You can personalise your sit-stand workstations depending on your respective tasks (maintenance, assembly, packaging, etc.) with an enamel backing, perforated backing or simply with an aluminium frame with a multi-purpose bar. To complement the electric workstations and to guarantee employee well-being, we recommend using additional ergonomic products such as the LEANPOST 300 electric trolley or the LEANPOST 400 fixed trolley. To complement your electric workstations, we recommend using ergonomic shop floor seats or standing seats if you need to sit whilst working most of the time. If not, we recommend using anti-fatigue mats, offering safety and comfort. An ergonomic working environment with electric equipment encourages employee well-being at work and reduces MSD. We encourage you to read ourwhite paper on ergonomics to find out more about ergonomics best practices and the different innovative solutions that we offer!