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Maintenance is an important part of the production chain. Operators must be able to respond quickly in the event of a machine failure or shutdown: the company’s profitability depends on it. In order to perform all your TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) tasks and for effective continuous improvement - the very principle of LEAN Manufacturing - SESA SYSTEMS offers a range dedicated to extensive and complete TPM, to best adapt to your working environment and meet your expectations.

TPM stations and tools adapted to your needs for effective results

Depending on the configuration of your shop floors or production chains, several options are available to choose the TPM station best suited to your working environment. If you do not have floor space available, opt for our MAINTPOST 200 or 300 wall-mounted perforated tool panels, with or without lockable PMMA transparent doors. This solution allows you to quickly view your available tools, and you can methodically store and organise your tools thanks to various SESA SYSTEMS accessories. Choose our stations on feet, runners or locking castors for mobile maintenance to cover a production zone. We also offer 2-in-1 stations to implement 5S and TPM. For example, the MAINTPOST 600 is used as a maintenance station but can also be used a cleaning station: service your machines and clean after use. These products can be associated with each machine or unit requiring immediate availability for preventive maintenance and to anticipate failures. Operators are independent and maintenance is effective.

Adjustable and personalised TPM workbenches

Located near to your machinery, the maintenance stations with lower storage compartments are suited to organising, storing and making machine maintenance procedures available to your TPM teams. Depending on your tasks, you can opt for a more robust station like the MAINTPOST 3000, with or without a back, for all your maintenance assignments. You can also choose between a rubber or grooved coating for your maintenance workbench surface. Regular machine maintenance limits significant costs for companies and guarantees the best results in terms of quality and performance. Our products help you to effectively apply TPM principles. It is possible to associate TPM Maintenance and Industry 4.0 with LEANANDON light columns. They provide real-time information to operators if maintenance is required on the machine using a colour signal: guaranteeing efficient Total Productive Maintenance! By providing suitable tools to your TPM teams, operators can get more involved. They can also act more quickly as they work independently.